2013 Team GOALS ARA

March 2-3: CNYO’s Snowgaine-2 8-hour days
5th coed/7th overall (Abby, Brent, Jason)

March 16: Adventure Addicts Racing’s Brake the Habit-6 hours
1st solo/7th overall (Jason)
4th 2 person co-ed (Jill and Josh Gillespie as EPW)

April 6: NYARA’s Fool’s Rogaine-6 hours
2nd solo/4th overall (Brent)
3rd solo/5th overall (Jonathan)
3rd team/9th overall (Abby and Val Nordquist)

April 21: GOALS ARA’s Savage-6 hours
1st masters coed/2nd overall (Bruce, Jonathan, Sue)
1st masters 2/5th overall (Chris and Debbie as “Just Married”)

April 27: American Adventure Sports’ Yough Xtreme-10 hours
3rd coed/4th overall (Brian, Derek, Jill)

May 4: Delmarva’s Coastal Challenge-8 hours
3rd coed/overall (Ann, Brent, Jon)-

May 18: NYARA’s Longest Day-18 hours
5th coed/11th overall (Ann, Brian, Jonathan)
2nd male 2/10th overall (Jason with SWIFT)
4th coed/7th overall (Jill with NYARA)

June 2: GOALS ARA’s Cradle of Liberty-6 hours
1st coed/overall (Jason, Jill, and Mark Weiman)
1st 2 person/2nd overall (Abby and Brent)
2nd coed/8th overall (Ann with Tryad)

June 8: Delmarva’s SCAR-12 hours
1st coed/overall (Ann, Jason, Jonathan)

June 8: NYARA’s Jersey Inferno-10 hours
1st coed/6th overall (Brent racing with Jill and Chris Rice as NYARA)

June 15: Gung Ho Adventure Race-10 hours
3rd coed/overall (Abby, Brent, Jason)

June 22: Untamed New England-24 hours
8th coed/14th overall (Abby, Brent, Brian, Jason)
6th coed/7th overall (Jonathan with NYARA)

July 13: CNYO Rogaine-US Rogaine Champs-24 hours/12 hours
5th overall (Brent and Brian-24 hours)
6th overall (Abby and Whitney Hedberg-12 hours)

July 27: GOALS ARA’s Krista Griesacker Memorial Race-12 hours
3rd place coed/overall (Ann, Jason, Jonathan)

August 9: Delmarva Championship-18 hours
1st place coed/2nd overall (Ann, Brian, Jason, Jonathan)







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