I'm new to adventure racing. What should I expect in a sprint race?

While each race is unique, typically our sprint races consist of an opening activity where each team receives their race passport. Teams rotate during the sprint race, with some biking 1st, others paddling, others running.


The team completes each discipline together. Collect as many points by visiting as many checkpoints as you can in the 6 hour time limit.


I see that you use canoes for your races. Can we race with kayak paddles?



Do we have to provide our own mountain bikes?

Yes, each racer is responsible for providing his/her own mountain bike, helmet, bike repair kit, spare tubes. Bike repairs that need to be done on course are the responsibility of the team.


Do you ever have a solo category?

Yes! In 2012 we introduced a solo category to our sprint races. Our longer races sometimes offer a solo category as well.


I'm new to racing, what's the best way to find a teammate? Join our yahoo group and put up a post. We often have people looking to find teammates. We also encourage you to drag along someone you know to get involved in the sport. It's fun to race with your friends (usually!)


I saw that a bailer is on your mandatory gear list. How can I get one?

No need to spend tons of money on this piece of gear! Simply cut out a laundry detergent or gallon milk jug (leave the handle for grabbing/scooping). We've also seen racers with sand buckets. Whatever you can use to bail water quickly!


Is fundraising mandatory in order to race?

While we encourage our participants to help raise money for these community organizations, it is not required in order to race.





If you would like to speak to a GOALS staff member, pop us an email with your phone # and we'd be happy to call you back! 

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